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— Praise for Mountains & Manhood —

Most men spend their lives desperately searching for purpose—that elusive flame that smolders deep within.
Cavetime exists to kindle fire in the hearts of men.


"The wilderness is a level playing field. It is truly the survival of the fittest. In a place that holds no bias - the mountains make you into who they want you to be. It doesn't matter who you are - everyone encounters the same elements. It is what makes this a monumental place for manhood. It defines and redefines who you are. Every time I go in - I come out a different man."


"I came on this trip thinking I would capture this group of men - their victories and defeats. Little did I know - this trip pulled my heart out and changed who I am today. Everyone came in carrying baggage - fears, addictions, and doubts. One this is for sure - everyone left with glory. That is something you can't take away from a man - fire in his heart."